Double Life - Hadise Açıkgöz


Give me a moment, to realize it.
Laying beside you, seem so unreal.
Still can’t believe it, i’ve try to find it.
Iwas afraid to, feel what i fear.
İn this cold, called life.
I need a torch, a guide in line.
And you’re that guy, you are the one.
Could you be mine, mine for all times

Would you be mine? mine for all times.
I would live a double life, just to be with you.
Earing, fearing,earing right,it’s what i have gotta do.
E would live a double life, secret and taboo.
I don’t wanna live a life, but i gotta be with you

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Hadise Açıkgöz


Volga Tamöz

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